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About the Railway

The Statfold Barn Railway is a unique creation.

Although constructed in the 21st century, it can claim a direct link back to the founding of one of Britain’s leading locomotive manufacturing firms in the mid 19th century.

Locomotives and rolling stock of five different gauges can run on different parts of the railway at Statfold, and a sixth gauge is represented in the rolling stock collection.

The main line, or Field Railway, is dual gauge (2’0” & 2’6”) and is laid out to allow a continuous “out and back” run of over three miles.

The workshops at Statfold are one of the few places in Britain today where the skilled staff capable of building new steam locomotives may be found. Three have been built since 2005 to traditional Hunslet Engine Company and Kerr Stuart designs.

To find out more about this fascinating railway, how it came about and the heritage it keeps alive, follow the menu on the right hand side of this page.



Statfold Barn Farm
The Hunslet Connection
Adventures in Indonesia
A Garden Railway
The Railway Described
The Loco Shed and Workshops
The Hunslet Museum

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