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The Loco Shed and Workshops

The central courtyard area is the starting point for any visit to the Statfold Barn Railway. In addition to the original SBR terminus station the most prominent features are the triple gauge turntable and traverser, both of which were designed and built in-house at Statfold Works. The turntable is capable of handling locomotives of up to fifty tons in weight and, in addition to enabling them to be turned, provides the main access route for locomotives and rolling stock arriving at Statfold by low loader. The traverser gives onward access to a triple road storage shed in which locomotives awaiting restoration are kept. The traditional railway-style frontage of the storage shed disguises the fact that it was originally a farm barn.

Loco Shed

From the turntable, at right angles to the traverser, a triple gauge track leads into the locomotive shed, a purpose-built centrally heated structure equipped with a ten tonne capacity overhead crane. The line from the turntable is the central of three tracks in the shed and is provided with a deep pit to allow work to be carried out underneath locomotives safely. The triple gauge track is flanked by 2’0” and dual 2’0” and 2’6” tracks. All three tracks lead out through roller shutter doors to a preparation area dominated by a Great Western Railway style parachute water tank and water column.

The building between the workshops and the storage shed houses the Hunslet Museum.


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The Loco Shed and Workshops
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