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The Statfold Barn Railway is home to an extensive collection of steam, diesel and battery electric locomotives of 2’0”, 2’6” and standard gauges. Many are in working order and the others are either being restored or awaiting restoration. Brand new steam locomotives are also built at Statfold by the Hunslet Steam Company, such as the two ‘Quarry’ tank locomotives STATFOLD and JACK LANE.

Other highlights of the collection include TRANGKIL No.4, the last industrial steam locomotive built in Britain, and PAKIS BARU No.5, a fine example of a ‘Mallet’ compound locomotive built by Orenstein & Koppel of Berlin over one hundred years ago.

Details of all the locomotives at Statfold may be found in the Guide Book and Stock List, on sale at Enthusiasts’ Days. You can find out more about some of the more significant locomotives in the Statfold collection by following the links in the menu to the right of this page. Further locomotives will be added to the list in due course.





Mallet PAKIS BARU No.5

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