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Baguley Railcar

Statfold’s historic four-wheel 10HP petrol-engined railcar was built by Baguley of Burton-on-Trent, on behalf of the Drewry Car Co. Ltd, as one of a batch of 20 ordered in December 1918 for the French Government Railway School (Ecole Chemin de Fer) at Versailles near Paris. It is representative of several batches of such vehicles supplied to the French Government and the Eastern Railway of France during and immediately after the First World War. It is designed for bi-directional use, with tram-style flip-back seats and removable throttle and gear levers that can be inserted into slots in the floor at either end of the vehicle. Lifting poles were provided to enable the crew to lift the 1¼ ton vehicle clear of the track if the need arose. A simple flatbed trailer was originally supplied with the railcar but has not survived, although there are plans to build a replica trailer here at Statfold as fortunately most of the relevant Baguley records survive.

The railcar arrived from France in August 2006 and was restored over the winter of 2006/07. The mechanical parts are original but the coachwork has been rebuilt from scratch in order to allow the surviving original structure to be preserved and displayed as built, complete with original paintwork.

Baguley Received
As Received – August 2006

In Operation
In Operation – March 2007


Baguley Railcar

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