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The ‘Quarry’ class of saddle tank locomotives was the first and arguably most successful ‘standard’ design of narrow gauge locomotives produced by the Hunslet Engine Company to their own design. Around 50 locomotives recognisable as members of the class, albeit with a number of detail variations, were built between 1870 and 1932, principally for service in the Dinorwic and Penrhyn slate quarries of North Wales. Contraction of the slate quarrying industry due to falling demand for slate as a roofing material and the gradual introduction of diesel locomotives on the remaining rail operations meant that all were withdrawn from service by the late 1960s, although a good number survived into preservation in Wales, elsewhere in the UK and in North America.

Statfold and Jack Lane

The reputation of the ‘Quarry’ for a combination of robustness, simplicity and performance made it the ideal choice for the Hunslet Steam Company’s plans to resume manufacture of narrow gauge steam locomotives. In 2005 key components for a batch of four were ordered and manufacture of STATFOLD began at Statfold. After STATFOLD’s entry into service in early 2006, assembly of JACK LANE began and was completed in November of the same year.

STATFOLD and JACK LANE represent two variants of the ‘Quarry’, with STATFOLD having an enclosed cab while JACK LANE has an open footplate and a taller chimney in order to keep smoke clear of the footplate. They were allocated works numbers 3903 and 3904 respectively, continuing the Hunslet Engine Company steam locomotive numbering series.

Since entering service STATFOLD and JACK LANE have become the Statfold Barn Railway’s roving ambassadors, sharing visits to the Amerton Railway, Bala Lake Railway, Beeches Light Railway, Golden Valley Railway, Lynton & Barnstaple Railway, Middleton Railway, Welsh Highland Railway and West Lancashire Light Railway as well as the ‘Railtex’ railway industry trade exhibition.


Mallet PAKIS BARU No.5

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