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The Railway Described

A journey on the SBR's dual gauge railway starts from Statfold Station, the line’s main station, located immediately below the loco shed yard. This new station was constructed over the Winter of 2006/7 to replace the original 2005 station adjacent to the turntable. The new station's two longer platforms mean that a more intensive passenger service with two two-coach trains can be operated on Open Days. The platform canopies of both the old and new stations utilise stanchions originally from South Beach station at Great Yarmouth. The ornate ironwork includes the initials E&MR, representing the Eastern and Midland Railway, the predecessor of the Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway.

Railway Described

Immediately after leaving the station the loco shed sidings trail in on the right. The shed yard layout includes examples of single, dual and triple gauge trackwork. Soon afterwards, the short standard gauge line is crossed on the level, a feature the Railway shares with the Welsh Highland Railway and Network Rail crossing at Porthmadog, albeit Statfold’s crossing has 3 gauges!

Next the connection to the garden trails in on the right. As a reminder that the garden line is 2'0" gauge only, although now with the addition of 7¼” and 10¼” gauges, note the signs reminding train crews not to attempt to take 2'6" gauge stock over the connection.

At this point we enter the Field Railway, which becomes a working industrial railway at harvest time, when seeds are collected from the combine harvester in purpose-built bulk hopper wagons. The line continues to follow the edge of the field until Oak Tree Halt is reached. Here there is a passing loop and a platform, as well as a spur providing access to the new carriage storage shed built in 2007. Oak Tree Halt was the original terminus of the Field Railway until it was extended early in 2006. From Oak Tree Halt the line continues downhill, following the perimeter of the field, to a balloon loop which enables the whole train to turn for the return journey without having to stop for the locomotive to run around. As the Field Railway is dual gauge an ingenious fixed crossing is provided part way around the loop to switch the 2’0” track from the inner and centre rails to the centre and outer rails. After completing the circumnavigation of the balloon loop the train returns to Oak Tree Halt and then as outwards to the terminus.


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The Railway Described
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