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Statfold Barn Farm

Statfold Barn Farm, located just outside Tamworth in Staffordshire, is without doubt a unique and special place. As well as being the location of the Statfold Barn Railway, Britain's only 2'0" and 2'6" dual gauge railway, it is also a working farm and the home of Statfold Seed Oils, an innovative specialist natural oil company.

Statfold Seed Oils are a major processor and supplier of natural and refined seed oils such as flax, hemp and borage for use in a wide range of nutritional and personal care products. State of the art technology, much of it developed in-house, is used to extract, refine and bottle the oils. Statfold Seed Oils operates under organic certification and has strong relationships with seed growers around the world through community and fair trade programmes.

The driving force behind the whole enterprise is Graham Lee, supported by his wife Carol, members of their family and a team of dedicated and professional engineers and support staff.

The Statfold Barn Railway began as a simple oval of track around the lake in the garden of Graham and Carol’s farmhouse, but the repatriation of a historically significant British-built locomotive from Indonesia in 2004 was the trigger for a far more extensive railway and a number of other exciting projects as described later in this book.


Statfold Barn Farm
The Hunslet Connection
Adventures in Indonesia
A Garden Railway
The Railway Described
The Loco Shed and Workshops
The Hunslet Museum

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